Product Info

Here at Flexi-Glass, we take great care from the start to the finish of the manufacturing process to make sure you recieve a precise fitting product with excellent durability and a smooth finish.

As the owner of Flexi-Glass, I raced for 10 years and did alot of R&D before we came up with the finished product. As a private racer I designed the bodywork for crashability.

First, we use nothing but premium North American standard products in our bodywork, and we start with a vinylester resin which is vinyle based, giving it the greatest amount of flexibility out of all the resins on the market today. When you combine the vinylester resin with E glass, these composites provide excellent strength and durability--while remaining light-weight.

All our mounting points are reinforced with a 55/45 carbon/kevlar cloth; the carbon gives the mounting point extra strength to assure a true fit for races to come. In the case of a crash that breaks through the resin, the kevlar stays dry in between the coating of resin so it holds the piece together--allowing for a repair instead of a full replacement.

All our Flexi-Glass bodywork comes finished in a Endura sandable urethane primer making it a simple scuff and paint for a professional finish.