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Here at Flexi-glass, we have taken great care in manufacturing race-style replacement body work for the most popular race bikes by racers for racers from our Langley BC Canada facility for over 6 years.

Flexi-Glass Riders

Steve Crevier Most Superbike Wins In Canadian History

Alan Schmit  OMRRA
# 1 Plate Holder
600 Supersport
750 Supersport

Mark Kruger WWMRA  #1 Plate Holder
600 Supersport
Open Supersport

Oliver Jervis WWMRA  #1 Plate Holder
600 Supersport

Darren James WWMRA  #1 Battle Of The Twins

Mike Sullivan WWMRA  #1 Formula Ultra

Eli Edwards WWMRA  #1 750

Jake Rower WWMRA  #3 600 Superbike/Supersport


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